What to do with Long Hair

If your hair is on the long facet, otherwise you have plenty of it, you recognize specifically however long it takes to complete the whole hair care routine. Wash it, condition it, dry it, vogue it–the method looks to be endless.

Having long hair myself, defrayment 3 hours on my hair whenever I washed it absolutely was simply progressing to be a small amount an excessive amount of. or even i’m simply impatient once it involves my hair–but i am certain i am not the sole one. So, rather than choosing the renowned ‘chop’ to avoid the incessant styling, i made a decision to seek out hacks on the way to get identical results, but faster.

Over the years, I’ve somehow learned to chop down my 3 hour hair routine into one that’s concerning thirty minutes. Not bad. If you’re fascinated by the following tips and tricks on the way to vogue your long hair quicker, then watch the video below or scroll all the way down to consider the steps.

  1. Air dry your hair till it’s eightieth dry

This is one among the foremost effective ways that to chop down time on your hair routine. Of course, this trick won’t work if you’re during a rush to urge out of the house, however if you’re laundry your hair on per week night or on a lazy Sunday, continually make certain to follow this tip. Not solely can it curtail actual blow drying time by plenty, it’ll conjointly harm your hair less, as it’s not smart to use direct heat to hair that’s soaking wet.

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So, once you get out of the shower, gently pat your hair dry. fully transparency, a cotton shirt would work best for this and can forestall harm to the hair, however let’s get real…how many cotton t-shirts does one have lying around to be used when each shower? I don’t, therefore i take advantage of a daily towel and pat my hair dry terribly gently with it. attempt your best to avoid twisting it, rubbing it, or creating a turban on your head (I am guilty of this at times), as this is often be} what can actually cause harm to your hair within the long-term. when you pat it dry, place a pleasant flossy towel on your shoulders and whereas your hair dries, use this point to catch abreast of emails, do errands, chores, or watch your favorite tv shows.

  1. Apply hair product before your hair dries

If you employ any type of hair product, make certain to use them before the hair is totally dry. If you wait too long, you’re simply spraying new wetness into the hair that solely prolongs the method. i prefer to use a de-tangling spray and warmth protectant or a leave-in learning spray right when I pat the hair dry with a towel.

  1. Do hair masks before or throughout the shower to save lots of time

I accustomed be the sort of gal who’d ne’er do hair masks before. My excuse is that I don’t extremely have time to handle myself therefore usually or sit around looking forward to a hair mask to soak up into my hair. Of course, this can be simply AN excuse for a lazy person.

Moisturizing your hair is virtually the quantity one priority, as this can be the largest think about having stunning, healthy, bouncy, shiny hair. i noticed I’ve ought to notice manner|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} to include hair masks into my hair care routine during a way that doesn’t want a pontifical ceremony. and that i did! Here area unit some of my favorite ways that.

  1. Apply the hair mask (I like to use pure Coconut Oil) before you shower. Then proceed with a daily shower routine. whereas you wash your body, scrub, and shave, the steam from the recent water unveil the cuticles of your hair which mask is penetrates and moisturizes it deeply. Last step: shampoo and condition, and you’re all done.
  2. If you are doing hot yoga or move to the athletic facility, apply a hair mask and place your hair during a bread or braids. You’ll need to shower when your exercising anyway, therefore why not let your hair have a full hour more or less to soak within the smart stuff?
  3. Same goes for steam rooms, if you ever visit one. simply pop a number of the hair mask into your hair before you go and let it do its magic within the steam.
  4. throughout summer, take your hair mask to the beach, or to the curtilage. Not solely can it moisten your hair whereas you lie, however it’ll conjointly defend your locks from the sun.

All these strategies on top of area unit fully achievable by each single one among U.S., so really, there’s no excuse to skip out on treating your hair with what it deserves. And simply trust what proportion time you are saving by incorporating this into your regular routine, rather than dedicating a separate interval for hair care.

  1. Blow drying long hair quicker

To speed up the drying method even a lot of, start up the nozzle that concentrates the air into a skinny stream and blow dry your roots the other way up. As presently as you’re feeling your hair is concerning ninetieth dry, it’s time to place the nozzle back on and use a spherical hair brush to totally dry the remainder of the hair, and smoothen it go into the method. For a full tutorial on the way to master a salon-worthy blow out, make certain to examine out this video post. If you tend to own crisp hair and feel this method won’t work for you, we’ve the proper guide the way to do a blow out on crisp hair here.